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Stoked Roasters is excited to announce the opening of our second coffee shop located at 628 Main Street, Park City, UT inside the Rockwell Room. We are serving up a full menu of espresso drinks, delicious single origin pour overs and over six rotating Stoked Coffee blends on batch. 

As "The official coffee of the outdoors," we are stoked to apart of the Park City outdoors community. 


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Team STOKED Spotlight: Lindsay's Taking Off On Brazilian Wind

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Most of us are enduring the colder temperatures and torrential rain that an Oregon winter brings, while dreaming of warm, tropical beaches. But Team STOKED Ambassador Lindsay McClure is lucky enough to be living that dream. 
This badass lady boarded a Brazil-bound flight at the end of October in pursuit of high, steady wind and an endless summer. She found it.
This is what our Team Rider had to say about the her time in South America:

"There are a myriad of locations on this planet where we can kiteboard, but there’s only one Brazil. Right now, I’m lucky enough to be on the North Coast of Brazil with kiters from around the world. We’ve all come to kite our brains out and become more skilled, especially in freestyle. This is my second trip to Brazil, and I’m one month into my two month trip. One of the coolest things about being here is that every kiter I talk to understands that they are on the trip of a lifetime. 
To set the foundation, Brazil is the perfect place to kite because of the ceaseless wind. Without wind, nothing else matters. In Brazil this time of year, checking a forecast isn’t necessary because the wind blows every day. Along with a constant flow of wind, Brazil wins because the coastline is dotted with lagoons that provide perfect, little flatwater pockets. The surface on the water is consistent, so the takeoff and landing for each trick is the same every time. Training in Brazil can feel like a different sport, it’s almost like wakeboarding, because each attempt at each trick feels the same every time. 
The fantastic conditions in Brazil aren’t a secret. Because it’s so ideal, the whole world comes here, and the lagoons become crowded. However, the kiters in Brazil are good at sharing. Riders wait on the side of the lagoons while others do their tricks. Then, when we see an opening, we go for it. This atmosphere is helping me progress because I have the chance to watch everyone session, and they watch me. So, I feel motivated to push my limits. I don’t want to be taking up space in the lagoon if I’m not doing something rad. Not to mention that the other riders have been generous about offering helpful coaching advice. 
Which brings me to the next factor that makes Brazil the bees knees. Most of the best riders in the world are here right now. Watching world champions nail trick after trick helps me believe that anything is possible. The attitude among kiters in Brazil is all about progression - just going back and forth without trying to learn anything new isn’t acceptable here. 
With all these factors working in my favor, have I been checking off my goals? I’m making progress. A special thanks to STOKED for supplying me with my daily dose of Fallstoke, which adds even more perfection to the equation."
We're glad you're digging the Fallstoke, girl! ;)
I asked Lindsay a little more about the progress she's been making in Brazil and the improvement she's seen in her riding. 


"As far as learning new tricks and improving my skills, I’ve added new grabs to my tricks and become more comfortable passing the bar in the air."


We're admittedly jealous about Lindsay's rendezvous in paradise, but we can't wait to see the skills they've gained back in our blustery home this summer! Keep shredding, girl!


You can keep up with Lindsay's adventures by following her on Instagram @lindsaymcclure, and learn more about her work with World Class Kiteboard Academy on their website! 



(Photo credit: Lindsay McClure and Blaine Baker)
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Paul Ran Like Hell at Elk Kings 25K

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On October 23rd 200 registered racers gathered to run at the Elk Kings 25 and 50K organized by GoBeyond Racing. The race took place in Tillamook Forest, Oregon. The race was originally slated for October 14th, but the area took a huge hit from Mother Nature that week, and a lot of trail clean-up was needed to provide a safe and fun environment for an already technical race. 

(A shot of the Tillamook Forest landscape, where Elk Kings took place)

Our own Team STOKED Ambassador, Paul Dzierba, ran in the race and this to say about the course:

"The Elk Kings 25 and 50k are more like mountaineering prep hikes and probably are not the best place to have a trail race. I did the 25k and it had only about 200 less vertical than the 50k race did. The climbing started within about a quarter mile and climbed 1600 feet in 0.7 miles. In some places on the descent the trail was so steep they had ropes in place and volunteers to help get down them. There was a 4 mile continuous descent to and aid station and after thinking most of the climbing was over, it started with a consistent 4 mile 1200 foot climb. Overall I finished 8th in a very strong group of runners!" 

(200 runners registered for Elk Kings 25 and 50K on October 23rd)

The day started with 200 runners fueled up on STOKED coffee. As an official sponsor of Go Beyond, we supply each race with enough stoke to get people amped and ready for the grueling race ahead of them. We are psyched to have had the opportunity to partner with GoBeyond, an incredible organization passionate about organizing scenic and challenging trail races that so many people are eager to run!

(Elk Kings 25K presents an impressive 5800ft elevation gain)

Despite a challenging trail with over 5800ft of elevation gain, Paul finished in 8th place! An incredible feat that most of us back at HQ are still marveling at.

(Paul Dzierba running at the Elk Kings 25K)


Pictures provided by Paul Nelson Photography.

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STOKED Ambassador Colin Stokes is Riding for Parkinson's Awareness

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On May 20th Team STOKED Ambassador Colin Stokes from Irvine, CA will begin an ultimate test of endurance and courage by riding his bike 700 miles in 3 days. He will start at Oceanside, CA and end at the Grand Canyon. Colin is taking on this ride to spread awareness of Parkinson's disease, and to raise money for Parkinson's research. Every cent that is donated to his cause will go to the National Parkinson's Foundation and Parkinsons Canada, two organizations dedicated to researching and treating this debilitating disease. 

Colin illuminates his very personal and touching motivation for this ride in an excerpt below:

Coast to Canyon: Pedaling 700 miles because it’s in my DNA!
“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.
A mission statement for life, but often a difficult path to navigate. Having recently passed 50 I still feel very much like an apprentice seeking that elusive wisdom to know the difference.
As an endurance junkie and ultra-distance cyclist I seldom do things the easy way. I regularly find myself signing up for 500 mile bike races – sober. I recently raced non-stop for 1,000 miles in Texas because let’s face it what middle-aged man wouldn’t want a tee-shirt from an event called ‘No Country for Old Men’!
I ride my bike more miles in a year than many drive their car; I climbed a million feet in 12 months, and on the summer solstice plan to ride 40,000’ in a day (and night). I do these things not so much because I choose to, it’s more a case of I have to. An addiction that must be satiated. Once the idea starts geminating in my head, there is only way to expunge it – give into the inevitable!
So on May 20th 2016 I will leave the pier at Oceanside CA and pedal eastwards – arriving at the Grand Canyon 3 days and some 700 miles later.
As a toddler, my late Mum transported me everywhere by bike, and later chaperoned me as I powered myself on two-wheels. I was 40 before I broke her cycling distance record for a day. It is her genes that power my passion for the bike; and to follow the bike on a never-ending geographical, physical and emotional journey.
Mum lived in the tightening grip of Parkinson’s disease for more than 15 years until she passed this last Christmas. She is the reason why I am making this epic little adventure—to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson Canada and the National Parkinson Foundation. It seems only fitting that I use a bicycle to raise money on her behalf. 
In 2013 I competed in the solo division of the 860 mile Race Across the West (RAW) from Oceanside CA to Durango CO; following the same desert and mountain roads as the mother-of-all endurance races, the 3,000 mile Race Across America (RAAM). RAW was an epic struggle through 125 degree temperatures in the Sonoran desert, sand blasting in the Navajo Nation, and frigid night-time temperatures across the high desert.
I had so much fun, I am retracing my steps, but this time instead of continuing east from Flagstaff, I will branch north, to intersect the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Three years on from the original desert sojourn I am just a little wiser, and am bringing along some friends to share the wind. We will also be luxuriating in hotels for a few hours each night – instead of collapsed on the bed of my mini-van, in a fetal position as in 2013. That said this will not be a picnic either. At 700 miles with almost 40,000’ of climbing we plan on approximately 65 hours coast to canyon - riding 300 miles the first day, and then 200 the next two days.
A plan is just a plan: If ultra-racing has taught me anything over the years, it is to expect the unexpected, and to roll with the dice that Mother Nature and the road throws in your direction. It is reassuring to know on this particular adventure I will have a heavenly VIP watching my back.
Parkinson’s is a terrible disease that insidiously robs a person's mobility, confidence, and ultimately mind. I am proud to support the National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) and their mission to focus on what people with Parkinson’s need today. To fund research, & help people live their best lives now until there is a tomorrow without Parkinson’s.
Donations can be made direct to the National Parkinson Foundation via http://www3.parkinson.org/goto/ColinStokes

And for the old school folks who prefer snail mail:  Checks can be made payable to the National Parkinson Foundation and mailed to:

Sara Teeter, National Parkinson Foundation, 200 SE 1st Street, Suite 800, Miami FL 33131 
(inc Joan Stokes in check memo section)
We are who we are. A product of nature and nurture. We cannot escape our genes, and why would I want to? Pedaling for a cause just makes the adventure that much sweeter! 
Thank you for your kind support!

Colin Stokes

STOKED Roasters is proud to sponsor such a talented and inspirational athlete. You can show your support by sharing this post, telling your friends of Colin's efforts, and donating to the National Parkinson's Foundation directly through this link: http://www3.parkinson.org/goto/ColinStokes. Anything helps in the battle against this awful disease! You can continue following Colin's journey on his blog: dragonvelo.wordpress.com.

Ride on, Colin!

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