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Team STOKED Spotlight: Lindsay's Taking Off On Brazilian Wind

Posted by Devyn Sullivan on

Most of us are enduring the colder temperatures and torrential rain that an Oregon winter brings, while dreaming of warm, tropical beaches. But Team STOKED Ambassador Lindsay McClure is lucky enough to be living that dream. 
This badass lady boarded a Brazil-bound flight at the end of October in pursuit of high, steady wind and an endless summer. She found it.
This is what our Team Rider had to say about the her time in South America:

"There are a myriad of locations on this planet where we can kiteboard, but there’s only one Brazil. Right now, I’m lucky enough to be on the North Coast of Brazil with kiters from around the world. We’ve all come to kite our brains out and become more skilled, especially in freestyle. This is my second trip to Brazil, and I’m one month into my two month trip. One of the coolest things about being here is that every kiter I talk to understands that they are on the trip of a lifetime. 
To set the foundation, Brazil is the perfect place to kite because of the ceaseless wind. Without wind, nothing else matters. In Brazil this time of year, checking a forecast isn’t necessary because the wind blows every day. Along with a constant flow of wind, Brazil wins because the coastline is dotted with lagoons that provide perfect, little flatwater pockets. The surface on the water is consistent, so the takeoff and landing for each trick is the same every time. Training in Brazil can feel like a different sport, it’s almost like wakeboarding, because each attempt at each trick feels the same every time. 
The fantastic conditions in Brazil aren’t a secret. Because it’s so ideal, the whole world comes here, and the lagoons become crowded. However, the kiters in Brazil are good at sharing. Riders wait on the side of the lagoons while others do their tricks. Then, when we see an opening, we go for it. This atmosphere is helping me progress because I have the chance to watch everyone session, and they watch me. So, I feel motivated to push my limits. I don’t want to be taking up space in the lagoon if I’m not doing something rad. Not to mention that the other riders have been generous about offering helpful coaching advice. 
Which brings me to the next factor that makes Brazil the bees knees. Most of the best riders in the world are here right now. Watching world champions nail trick after trick helps me believe that anything is possible. The attitude among kiters in Brazil is all about progression - just going back and forth without trying to learn anything new isn’t acceptable here. 
With all these factors working in my favor, have I been checking off my goals? I’m making progress. A special thanks to STOKED for supplying me with my daily dose of Fallstoke, which adds even more perfection to the equation."
We're glad you're digging the Fallstoke, girl! ;)
I asked Lindsay a little more about the progress she's been making in Brazil and the improvement she's seen in her riding. 


"As far as learning new tricks and improving my skills, I’ve added new grabs to my tricks and become more comfortable passing the bar in the air."


We're admittedly jealous about Lindsay's rendezvous in paradise, but we can't wait to see the skills they've gained back in our blustery home this summer! Keep shredding, girl!


You can keep up with Lindsay's adventures by following her on Instagram @lindsaymcclure, and learn more about her work with World Class Kiteboard Academy on their website! 



(Photo credit: Lindsay McClure and Blaine Baker)
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