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Paul Ran Like Hell at Elk Kings 25K

Posted by Devyn Sullivan on

On October 23rd 200 registered racers gathered to run at the Elk Kings 25 and 50K organized by GoBeyond Racing. The race took place in Tillamook Forest, Oregon. The race was originally slated for October 14th, but the area took a huge hit from Mother Nature that week, and a lot of trail clean-up was needed to provide a safe and fun environment for an already technical race. 

(A shot of the Tillamook Forest landscape, where Elk Kings took place)

Our own Team STOKED Ambassador, Paul Dzierba, ran in the race and this to say about the course:

"The Elk Kings 25 and 50k are more like mountaineering prep hikes and probably are not the best place to have a trail race. I did the 25k and it had only about 200 less vertical than the 50k race did. The climbing started within about a quarter mile and climbed 1600 feet in 0.7 miles. In some places on the descent the trail was so steep they had ropes in place and volunteers to help get down them. There was a 4 mile continuous descent to and aid station and after thinking most of the climbing was over, it started with a consistent 4 mile 1200 foot climb. Overall I finished 8th in a very strong group of runners!" 

(200 runners registered for Elk Kings 25 and 50K on October 23rd)

The day started with 200 runners fueled up on STOKED coffee. As an official sponsor of Go Beyond, we supply each race with enough stoke to get people amped and ready for the grueling race ahead of them. We are psyched to have had the opportunity to partner with GoBeyond, an incredible organization passionate about organizing scenic and challenging trail races that so many people are eager to run!

(Elk Kings 25K presents an impressive 5800ft elevation gain)

Despite a challenging trail with over 5800ft of elevation gain, Paul finished in 8th place! An incredible feat that most of us back at HQ are still marveling at.

(Paul Dzierba running at the Elk Kings 25K)


Pictures provided by Paul Nelson Photography.

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