STOKED ROASTERS is the official coffee of the outdoors! We're all about premium coffee to kick start your day in a positive way. Our roasts are packed with good vibes by awesome people who love to be outside as much as you do.





Cameron & Emily Curtis, Katelyn Kohl STOKED is a family owned and operated business in Hood River, Oregon. Craft Coffee has been at the center of this family from early on. Siblings Emily and Katelyn have been sipping coffee in their hometown of the Gorge for many years. Cameron drank his first Latte at twelve-years old (drink responsibly kids) at the Beanery in Corvallis, Oregon and has never stopped craving craft coffee since. In 2019 the family joined together to brew-up tasty, craft, organic coffee! The goal is to fill mugs with delicious coffee, create a space for friendship and community to be fostered over good coffee and keep people STOKED on life.

Katelyn Kohl, Co-Owner + Manager, Katelyn has been learning the art of coffee since her days in San Francisco, CA. While attending the Academy of Art University she worked as a Barista. As Katelyn studying art and photography, she began to spend her Saturdays traveling to a new San Franscico coffee shop. After graduation, Katelyn moved to Portland and continued to grow in her obsession with crafting the best cup of coffee, by gaining several Master Coffee certifications. Katelyn is passionate about what she calls the coffee experience, from the moment a customer walks into the tasting room, helping them choose a drink, brewing a perfect cup and keeping people STOKED.

Pearl, Roasting Machine, She is a special member of the team! Pearl is the 25lb San Franscina Roaster that weekly with Roaster Rylee roasts our signature blends! Keeping Pearl company is ‘Mini-Me’ who roasts up test batches of new blends. Pearl is truly artwork in motion, from the swirl of the hand-crafted silver metal drum, the wood finish handle of the tester, matte black stacks and wide-turn of the arm cooling the coffee after roasting. Roaster Rylee keeps Pearl clean and running smoothly. Click on Tasting Notes to learn more about the Roasting process.