STOKED Mobile Takes Park City, Utah!

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On Thursday morning Claire and Devyn, STOKED ladies respectively, hit the road. Taking STOKED Mobile - the tricked out Sprinter van turned mobile coffee bar - on it's first ever road trip.

Claire's morning began with a cup of freshly brewed (and roasted) Winterstoke. The debut trip of the van could only begin with something symbolic of what was to happen: impending disaster until you look around and see the beauty that the storm created.

Devyn's morning got off to a very different start; she attempted to drag her over-sized Christmas tree into her house, attempting to wrestle it into a tree stand (alone), only to realize that 1) trees are very, very heavy, and 2) this specific tree was 5 inches too tall for the ceiling. The giant tree is still on the living room floor..lying on its side. Tis the season, hey! Thankfully, a cup of Super STOKE awaited her at headquarters, making the world seem alright again. If you've ever had coffee, butter and coconut oil blended together, you know that you feel infused with superhero powers afterwards.

Van loaded, mugs full, tunes ready, time to hit the road. Park City, prepare yourself to be taken by storm, the STOKED team is coming for you. But actually we were about to be taken by storm(s). We were running away from one storm that smacked Hood River with over a foot of snow and heading right into another storm that was covering Idaho and Utah with a thick white blanket.

With an overnight stop in Boise, ID, we were able to catch up with fellow coffee lovers and outdoor junkies alike. Boise is pretty cool and definitely underrated and we are stoked that it is so close to us right down the 84.

Oh, vanlife, how we love you so. Mistakes? Of course not! Going the wrong way? Definitely not on our agenda. But, like all travels big and small, there are hiccups along the way. We took some wrong turns, learned some lessons, are still confused about some things, but we made it to Park City in one piece, maybe we lost some sanity along the way but at least I have all my digits still.

Getting to Park City was just the beginning. You know about ice bergs, right? Ninety percent of their mass is beneath the surface. That's what this trip was like. Getting lost, maneuvering our behemoth van, bonding over sisterly talks. It all seems like gravy compared to getting ready for our debut event. Ever get ready to serve coffee on a heli pad while it's puking snow? Come back next week to see how it went. We are still in a daze about it, but in the best way possible.

Here's to the travels behind us and the travels that lie ahead of us, hope to catch a few of you on the way!


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