ROADSIDE COFFEE: Get Your Stoke However You Can

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Travel is one of the most beautiful things we can do as humans and in this age, we can do it so easily and quickly with endless purposes and opportunities. Whether it’s travelling to the coast to catch some waves, up to the mountain to shred, or just a good road trip, there’s always space and time to breathe, even if we don’t see it at first. It is easy to forget that slowing down to enjoy the ride is an option. We don’t have to rush to our destination, we can pull over, stop and breathe for a moment with no real deterrent in our overall progress. Roadside Coffee is all about enjoying those moments. Whether you just want a quick cup of instant stoke or you brought your hand grinder with you and are ready to kick your feet up for awhile, the rituals themselves are meditative and your chosen creation is gratifying.

Travel by plane, train, car, on foot, or ski, or even boat and they all have their individual opportunities for a respite, so there’s no excuse regardless of what your mode of transportation is. Coffee is pretty cool because you can make it however you want to. You can get as involved with it as you can manage. If bringing a hand grinder is simply not an option because of weight or space in your pack, or, let’s face it, general bandwidth when you’re on mile 150 of the John Muir Trail and you just want a freaking cup of coffee, then praise and embrace STOKED STIX. Get your stoke however you want to get it. Grab an Aeropress and bring it with you on a cross-country train trip, or in the back country with a jet boil. Go all out and bring that heavy ceramic V60 and enjoy your pour over with a backdrop of the open road. Like I said, you can get as deep as you want to, and we will cover all of your options in Roadside Coffee.

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