STOKED Roasters was founded on the principle of providing premium coffee to the outdoor enthusiast to kick start their adventure with an epic sip. Igniting the soul and spirit of adventure in all of us, STOKED is there to provide a staple in the activity to elevate it to a whole new realm.
My name is Jax Mariash, and STOKED is my dream come true. When I was a wee one of around 11 years old, I had a fun summer job (call it a different version of summer camp) under the government to participate at the Mayor’s Office Of Art Culture and Film. Along with various duties, one was to go to Brother’s Coffee and get coffee for the office. The perk? I was allowed to get something too. I fell in love with the iced mocha and from there the flavor of coffee. Coffee had such a wonderful sense of community and passion. I loved how it ignited one’s day, or served as a wonderful pick me up later in the afternoon.
From that summer forward, I decided I was going to create a coffee business when I was older. I began on a path of spending 6 years working at Starbucks Coffee Company while going to school at ASU to study Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  Following graduation, I spent a great deal of time in marketing at corporations such as lucy Activewear, Crocs Footwear, Native Eyewear, and helped found a new energy drink company called Phix. I spent those 15 years working on retail management, retail marketing, store design, store operations and flow, and overall marketing, branding and communications in every facet. In tandem, I was also a professional athlete and loved inspiring the masses to get outside and explore.
In the summer of 2013, all of the pieces came together as I was enjoying a freelance business that I created called MARiASH MARKETiNG as well as jumping into the ultra marathon scene. The perfect location to roast and distribute coffee as well as have a tasting room came to fruition in the river town of Hood River, OR. Known as the capital of kiteboarding and wind surfing in the states as well as serving up an outdoor mecca of opportunities for the adventurous soul, Stoked Roasters found a future home.
I spent 8 months in an intensive apprenticeship with Stefan at Jackson Hole Roasters to learn all of the tips, tricks, and secrets to make an excellent cup of coffee that would serve to my highest expectations to allow the masses to fuel their adventurous soul. Through a total of 12 months Stoked went from an idea to reality.
From there, STOKED ROASTERS was born on June 9th of 2014. I am delighted to fuel the masses with premium coffee to kick start their day in a positive way. Our team is excited for new products entering the pipeline later this year as well as a mobile tour to bring the coffee to the masses.
So get out there and enjoy your adventure, and fuel it with Stoked!