Nicholas Chace


WHERE HE CALLS HOME: Warner Valley, Utah

HIS STORY: I unknowingly started this journey when I joined the US Air Force, by far the biggest decision my scrawny, pimple faced self ever made.  Before that, I was a pizza spinning fool without a care in the world…especially when it came to a “future” in anything.  It’s not that I didn’t care. I’d rather spend time with friends during late nights, slamming drinks, playing guitar and raging through the wilderness in my jeep.  To me, I never felt like I was meant to waste time or energy figuring out my life while in college.  Now…the awesome benefits of the Air Force have allowed me to earn a few Associates degrees, only few classes from my Bachelors.  Also, my leadership has totally supported my active lifestyle....I could not ask for more!

Fast forward - I know now that I chose the path of immediate commitment a.k.a signing my life to “the man”, because that’s the kind of person I am.  Totally committed to what inspires me.  Another fact I’ve learned about myself; I draw inspiration from many directions, places and experiences.  My mind is on a continual teeter-totter.  Almost like a squirrel that can’t decide what side of the road to choose as he flees for his life. I’m definitely a “last minute” decision maker.  I wanted to be Doctor or an Engineer but I ended up in the communications field with a passion for health and holistic nutrition.  I’d say I sort of ended up in a place consistent with my initial intent.  Like an artist, I excel in what I’m drawn to….This is why Calculus 2 took a back seat and was ultimately dropped like a flaming turd.  Instead, I was drawn to fitness and the beauty of competition and success.  Of course this didn’t happen over night, it literally took years of damage and self-induced struggle.  My extra curricula’s have always been expensive, time consuming but filled with experience.  From kite boarding to triathlon, I misguided many funds based on knee jerk purchases and certainly almost died a few times.  Either way, I forged a person who I will now summarize.

I literally had to look in the mirror to figure out how to best describe myself.  On that note, I couldn’t happen to notice how horrible I look with even the slightest mustache, totally pre-pubescent and patchy.  I realized I live in multiple mindsets.  Being super driven, I’m a slave to my training schedule, always looking to meet and exceed my goals for the day.  On the other hand, I like to think I’m very spiritual or “in tune” with what it means to exist.  Yea….I went there! I approach my day like this:

It shouldn’t take a near death experience or any trauma to remind me of how important each day is.

The level of being “in tune” with myself ebbs and flows with the amount of emotional stress I allow to influence me.  This is why I feel like I’m so much closer to being “me” then I have ever been.  I would argue (with myself) that I take things too seriously too often…but I’m so passionate about continual improvement it’s hard to “relax”.  This is why I put myself out there are an endurance coach and have partnered with another like-minded coach.  Together we are Tribal Multi-Sport.  I literally have an impact on the lives of my athletes on a daily basis.  Finally, the most important part of being a human; Human Interaction!!  I totally believe we judge our success and current “happiness” in life based on our relationships with others.   This is why I love enriching the lives through positive energy, steady training and personal growth through PAIN.  Simply put, being alive isn’t enough for me.  I want to experience new cultures, food, and mindsets.  I also want to be in a position to learn from the most in-touch, influential people around me.  That’s why it’s a goal to make each day count, especially when it comes to learning. I believe we’re an average of the 5 people we spend our time with…so look at your friends closely and you may get a better picture of who “you” really are.

So what does all this tell you about me? I’m committed to the challenge of being the best version of myself possible, upgrading my life on a daily basis, supporting those who are worthy.  Enjoy the ride, dude!

What titles to I carry around?  First and foremost I’m an Explorer.  Then comes the rest…Elite Triathlete, Endurance Coach/Entrepreneur, U.S Air Force member, Student.  My goal is to use each of these titles to create influence for others, becoming a catalyst to the improvement of their lives.  Point blank, a better and more kick-ass version of themselves.  Currently, I’m working to compete at the highest level in triathlon, contribute to charitable causes and make someone’s day better…every day.  Thanks for taking the time to check me out; hopefully you find value in my experience enough to share yours in the same way!