Jax Mariash

WHERE SHE CALLS HOME: Park City, UT & Hood River, OR


HER STORY: Jax Mariash is the first woman in the world to complete the 4 Deserts Race Series Grand Slam Plus. In addition, she was crowned the 2016 4 Deserts Female World Champion. Previously, Mariash chose to do a run mission to run 365 days in a row to create awareness for cancer research and inspire people to move their bodies to prevent disease. Mariash is a runner, adventure seeker, entrepreneur, lover, dreamer and doer. You could say she is one of those girls that doesn't really sit still because she loves life so much and all that it has to offer that I just have to enjoy every single bit 24/7.

Mariash is an inspirational vehicle to athletes, entrepreneurs and women to push the envelope and follow your dreams. Her largest dream is to inspire the masses to get outside and explore, and to live life to the fullest. Life is so short and you just have to get after it and live it! She is one that has a dream and just goes after it.

A runner since 5 years old, a stint at elite triathlons and duathlons scoring the bronze medal at duathlon long course world championships in her division and then getting an itch for running really long. She loves to be diverse and courageous.  For Mariash, running ignites the soul. It makes her thrive and grow as an individual. Some days it is to sort out business, or step away from business, and others it is for solitude or to visit with a friend. Whatever the case, she hopes her achievements, and passion for running and life rubs off on as many souls as she can to ignite their spirits to get out there and explore.

Since a very young age, Wonder Woman has been her hero. Today she taps into her tenacity and strength in her own skin to motivate others to do the impossible. “Follow your dreams. You are the only one that can make it happen!”


HER STOKE OF CHOICE: "12oz quad-shot americano, with just a splash of milk. I also love an occasional 8oz latte"