Nik Stopsack


Nik grew up in a small town near Seattle. His first exposure to coffee was standing on a stool watching the baristas at his local Starbucks make drinks. From that point on he had always had an interest in coffee. It wasn't until after he graduated high school that he started making coffee. First at Pine St. Bakery where he was trained by the Nossa familia out of portland and now taking his second job in the coffee business here at STOKED.

"It's just something about each cup being a different drink and the vast array of beans that produce different flavors for me to explore that keeps me interested in coffee." Nik loves coffee from every aspect whether it be trying a new drink from Asia or Europe to roasting, he will be there ready to help. 

When Nik isn't making coffee you can find him on the river kiting or on the trails hiking and biking

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