WHERE SHE CALLS HOME: The Pacific Northwest
HER STORY: Mackenzie works the night shift as an emergency-department registered nurse in Portland, and spends her ‘normal people hours’ climbing, running long trails in the forest, or concocting ridiculous in-a-day linkups in which she attempts to reach multiple summits, trailheads, or other combinations of outdoor sports in a 24-hour period. Why? She enjoys seeing how far the perceived limits of the human body can be pushed, and she also loves a good victory meal, and these tend to compliment each other well. As a climber, she has become obsessed with all-things alpine, and is an admitted choss hound who doesn’t really care whether she is climbing the hardest grades but is more excited by the challenge of getting to the top of an objective with an equally stoked partner. Her super power is keeping the psych high when nothing goes as planned.

Before becoming a nurse, Mackenzie worked as a humanitarian in Afghanistan, a magazine editor in Egypt, and as a freelance writer back in the States. Finally in her ‘goldilocks’ career, she has her sights set on big walling in Yosemite, jungle tower expeditions, and volunteering with healthcare missions in the developing world. This will require a lot of coffee.

HER STOKE OF CHOICE: "Espresso machiatto…. or anything brewed with my backpacking stove."