Lance Koudele


Lance is a commercial photographer shooting action and lifestyle photography for many clients worldwide for his business Koudele Photography. When not shooting, he has become the right hand to Jax in leading up strategic and business efforts for Stoked. A brand ambassador naturally, Lance thrives off of the brand mission that Stoked stands for and helps to bring that passion to the masses. Lance's passion for the arts and outdoors easily allows him to curate a unique art gallery onthe walls at stoked provided by artistic athletes that have as much talent with their brush or camera than they do their snowboard, bike or kite. When not diving into work, you will find Lance out enjoying the fruits of mother nature in whatever sport is suited best for the day. His bliss is deep in the great white canvas of snow shredding on his skis or snowboard in a state of solitude as he glides through the trees.

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