HIS STORY: Glen started his life of stoke as a ski racer on the cold icy slopes in Eastern Canada and Western New York.  After finishing school he headed for bigger and steeper terrain of the British Columbia's Coast Mountains, where  he balanced hunting for powder in the backcountry and seeking out cold water waves balanced with the demands of an Industrial Design degree in Vancouver, B.C.  Merging his education with his passion for the outdoors, took him on the path of an Outdoor gear product designer.  With the waves of Vancouver Island not far away, he also cemented a passion on cold water surfing and started shaping surfboards under the GMD label.  Before long his dedication to product design brought him to California, and he’s now the Director of Technical Design and Innovation R & D at Patagonia.  Whether it’s designing Backpacks and Outerwear for snow missions or Wetsuits for surfing and kitesurfing, he still is regarded as pretty much a full time “multisport frother”  and spends most of his days either drafting up and building new gear or putting it through the wringer in the mountains and the ocean. Basically, he’s out there testing and trying out the new product ideas that helps the rest of us stay stoked all day long. 
HIS STOKE OF CHOICE: "A frothy, well-blended version of the Dawn Patrol                                                                                                                                                                                               Aeropressed to perfection in the backcountry or on a remote wind and                                                                                                                                                                                                       wave filled beach."