Devyn Sullivan


Devyn was raised with Mt. Hood as her playground. In 2010 - after a long line of hand-me-down snowboards - she received her first new board, and on a Wednesday night that winter, she experienced the kind of shred that only happens in snowboarding fairy tales. With an empty mountain, 4 feet of dumping powder, and a frozen face mask, she was hooked.

While awaiting winter and pretending summer doesn't exist, she can be found road-tripping to colder weather, enjoying low-budget SciFi films (here's looking at you Megashark vs. Crocosaurus), and finding inspiration through her typewriter and photography.

Devyn's only previous experience with coffee was the kind made at 6am by tired lifties, whose motto was "If you can't chew it, then it's not strong enough." However, the passion for coffee and excellence that her coworkers at STOKED surround her with has sprouted a deep interest in great coffee and the culture behind it. Her drink of choice is a Single Origin americano with a little bit of honey.

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