Cody Kendall

Cody Kendall was born and raised in Hood River, Oregon. At a young age, he would wake up every morning to throw on a hot pot of coffee to share with his grandma. This became a tradition and was rarely skipped. Over the years Cody's love for coffee became as strong as the coffee he was drinking. He found a $30.00 espresso machine at Walmart, bought it, and started making coffee for all of his friends and family. After mentioning his espresso machine on a resume, he got a job at the local “Dutch Bros”, thus starting his Barista career. “A lot of the time when I feel flustered, or confused, or sad, or whatever emotion, sometimes all I need is to get behind an espresso machine and bust out some drinks. There's something so therapeutic about making coffee when you have a good flow and good people around you.” When Cody isn't making coffee you can find him by the river, behind his art desk, or walking around soaking up the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.
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