Casey Sherrerd


Casey's passion for a good outdoor adventure parallels her love for coffee: they both get her excited to wake up in the morning. 

She was introduced to the coffee industry at a very young age.  Burlap bags filled with green coffee beans became a playground for her as a toddler when family friends created their own coffee company. She spent days wandering around the warehouse of buzzing roasting machines, intrigued by the process as the friends returned from foreign countries, turning the beans that they brought back into a rich, energizing drink. Casey now sees coffee as not only a means to get her brain to function in the morning, but as a cultural ritual; a feat of chemistry.
Whether she's making it through a Melita filter on a camping trip, in a French press before class, or on the espresso machine here at STOKED, coffee gives Casey something warm to look forward to. Her drink of choice: a cappuccino, extra strong, extra foamy.
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